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Canamex is a Canadian based company that looks to upskill Mexican students in Canadian Accounting Standards to outsource them to other Canadian Accounting Firms. Over the course of 8 months we work on creating the content and developing the learning modules. That later we uploaded and implemented in an LMS Platform.

Project Deliverables

30 eLearning
Theory Modules

The modules cover different terminologies, laws, and processes to fill in the gaps between mexican accounting laws and canadian laws.  These were designed using mix tools Articulate Rise, Articulate Storyline and Video.

50 Demos:
Process & Tools

The videos demonstrate how some of the processes are made in the different tools: Sage, Quickbooks, CaseWare, JazzIt, and Tax Preparation Forms.

36 Case Studies:

Theory & Process 

This case studies were meant to wrap up all learning from the previous modules, it finalized with the student uploading the assignment to the LMS, to be reviewed by an 

Entertainment & Promotion

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Case Study #1 

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Types of Financial Statements

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Canada Overview

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Transactions Between Related Parties

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Provincial Sales Tax

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